What is Raising a Hand in the Webinar?

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Webinars are seminars held via the internet and used widely to share the brand promotion or views amongst different geographies. To make the webinar engaging and interactive the host or the facilitator allows the attendees to raise a hand in the webinar. If there are Q&A sessions or any quiz or experience sharing session aligned in the webinar, the attendees are facilitated with the hand raise feature. Using hand raise, they can click the webinar interface button and connect to the speaker and share queries or thoughts.


Attendees also use their hands to get the attention of the host, webinar organizer, or speaker during the webinar. A raise hand is an open-ended webinar and used as a webinar host or facilitator’s discretion. The webinar facilitator can ask or instruct the attendees to use the raise hand feature if the host or the delegated speakers need to slow down the presentation/session, to ask questions, and others. The raise hand feature allows the host to conduct impromptu polls or quick signal techniques during the webinars. For instance, the facilitators can ask the attendees to click the raise hand button or feature if the statement or thought is correct or incorrect. 


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