Which sites do you post your webinar events on?

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Whenever you organize an event, you want maximum people from your target audience to attend it. One of the best ways to achieve this is to have a webinar provider that allows you to embed the webinar player on different websites and portals for webinar promotion. 


First create a webinar landing page on your website and post your webinar events on it. Moreover, while posting your webinar events on different websites, it is crucial to go for platforms which allows further sharing of your events by the visitors. 


You have to pitch to bloggers, website editors, association leaders and other thought leaders to post your webinar events online. Let them know why they should let you post your events on their website and help you distribute your content to the right audience. 


Once you have gotten your target audience to subscribe to your webinar, you will have to create an automated email campaign that can drive more traffic to your website and webinar event. Choose websites wisely according to the subject and genre of your events to attract the right audience and generate quality leads. Always go for quality websites instead for quantity. 


Hope you find these tips useful to post your webinar events. 


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