How Do I Make My One On One More Effective?

one to one meeting

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A little prep can effectively do wonders in a one-on-one session and lead you to meaningful and impactful sessions in the meetings. So, check out the top eight most effective tips to make an effective one on one session.


  • Schedule the meeting or the event – set expectations, share schedule, send a reminder.


  • Show up on time in the meeting or the session.


  • Plan out and ask icebreaker questions in your one-on-one sessions; this will help you ask quality and specific questions during your sessions. It will also set a positive tone in the entire session.


  • Be ready for open discussions and reduce your talking and thoughts sharing up to 50%, be a good listener and promote the other person to include their thoughts around the topic.


  • Be open for queries and feedback; always prepare yourself for accepting and acknowledging the input. Avoid being defensive while critical feedback or responses.


  • Please respect the time slots during the one on one sessions to make it more useful and practical.


  • Always start and end the one on one session on a positive note even if you have a challenging conversation or negative feedback. 


  • Take notes and work around the pointers discussed in one on one sessions.


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