How Do You Livestream a YouTube Webinar?

youtube live webinar

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Do you want to host a webinar with thousands of potential attendees, other than enormously no outlay? Then Live Streaming on YouTube is the best solution for you. YouTube has a special section – Hangout on Air to present presentations, conduct webinars and discussions, and showcasing performances to a broader audience. Are you thinking about how you should do the live stream of a webinar via YouTube? Well, YouTube enables its users to live stream the webinar using the two different live streaming options – Quick Livestream for using Hangouts on Air and Custom Livestream for more encoding features. To get started with YouTube Live Streaming, you must follow the steps mentioned.


  • Meet the YouTube community Livestream eligibility guidelines for your channel


  • Set up the event on the under Live Events section and provide the required details – title, description, time, and security-related details


  • Customise your webinar event with various advanced settings available – chat, moderate comments, category, broadcast, recording, video location, and distribution option for social media platforms


  • Validate the settings and webinar related information by running an off-air demo webinar


  • Launch the customised webinar at the scheduled time and date and go live


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