What Live Webinar preparations should I make?

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Webinar is an online seminar including necessary elements like host, presenter, presentation and audience. Webinar planning and preparation involves following steps:


Choosing the team – To troubleshoot the issues and moderate interactions with the attendees, it is important to have an assistant with good knowledge of equipment and software.


Topic – The topic must be informative since the attendees join a webinar to learn. Focus on a specific topic to target more audience.


Attractive Title – Topic must be attractive since it is the primary information source for the attendees.


Speaker – They are usually the industry experts, influencers, and subject matter experts. It is important that the speaker must be knowledgeable, interactive, and creditable.


Date or time – If the webinars are held at perfect time and date, it can attract more leads. Thursdays are the best day usually at 11:00 a.m. to organise webinars.


Webinar format – A webinar needs to have a specific format to bring out the best results. Various formats like single presenter, dual presenter, panel to discuss topics, Q & A webinar, interview webinar, or product demonstration which is like a tutorial.


Dry run – Before carrying out the webinar, it is necessary to do a dry run to reduce the chances of mistakes during the actual webinar.


Documenting the webinar – With the help of project management tools, webinar can be documented well to be used for further reference. 


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