How far in Advance Should you Promote a Webinar?

Webinar Promotion

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A leading webinar hosting platform researched webinar statistics and success rates. As per their report, the maximum participation and registration of attendees, around 54% takes place eight days before the webinar, while 11% registration rate occurs on the webinar’s day.


For that reason, your marketing and promotional activities should be long enough to attract the targeted audience and to gain an adequate amount of promotional leads. Make fair use of email campaigning tools and schedule them as per your targeted audience’s most appropriate time zone; this will help your webinar reach out to broader targeted scope. Promoting a webinar is not based on a single or limited number of tasks; it involves a wide range of communication and promotion channels, with different rules, strengths, and schedules. In an ideal world, to promote a webinar, you should plan the promotional activities approx three to four weeks before the event. That will collectively include various marketing campaigns, social media ads and engagement on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, news, and PR activities. On the other hand, you may start promoting your webinar two weeks before the event for email campaigns and promotions.


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