What’s the difference between chat and Q&A in Webinar?

Q&A webinar

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Webinars are the new normal. To make the online webinars as engaging as offline seminars, we have the chat and Q&A section wherein the host, admin, or the speaker can communicate systematically. This helps in maintaining the audience engagement. The chat and Q&A section can be used for discussion or for solving queries and doubts of the audience. People also conduct Q&A webinars which are meant for answering various doubts raised by the attendees. 


People tend to get confused if they should be using the chat or Q&A section. Let us understand the difference between the two, to make it easy to understand. With the webinar chat feature, you can chat with all the webinar attendees, panellists, hosts, and co-hosts during the webinar. You can discuss the topic with everyone or with the admin (depending on the setting), it’s a great way of improving the audience engagement.  


On the other hand, the Live Q&A feature is a more organized way of taking questions from the attendees. Especially when you have a large number of audience. In chat, a few important messages can be lost between other messages. Whereas, in Q&A you will have all the questions and answers systematically. 


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