How do you calculate a conversion rate in a webinar?

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While organising the webinar, it is important to have a good conversion rate to measure the success of the webinar. Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who have been successfully converted into leads. It is checked by looking out for the web forms and number of attendees of the webinar. Conversion rate is the number of conversions divided by the total number of the visitors at the webinar. Conversion is the action that the user must take. For example, if the landing page of the website has 100 visitors and it has 25 leads resulting in good sales, then 25 divided by 100 is the conversion rate, i.e. 25%. Usually the conversion rate of the webinar is 19%, which is a good count and indicates that the webinar was interactive enough to attract more customers. If 25% of the qualified leads convert to sales, then it estimates how many of the webinar registrants turned into valuable customers and then generated sales. Thus, it helps to indicate how the leads were hooked to the webinar. Landing page conversion rate shows the marketers about the number of people who completed the call to action out of all the visitors of the page. By calculating the conversion rate, the amount of attendees helps to understand the weaker points to make the webinars more successful.


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