Can I conduct polls and surveys of my attendees?

Webinar surveys

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Yes, you can conduct polls and surveys of your attendees. Polls and webinar surveys are the most amazing features which will help you in engaging better with your audience. You can create single or multiple choice answer polls and surveys for your webinar attendees. You can gather the responses on these surveys and check out the result. These surveys can be anonymous as well. The polls and surveys are generally allowed to be launched by the host and the co-host, but can be created by the host only. 


This is how you can add survey questionnaire in general: 


  • Open your webinar software portal. 


  • Go to the Webinars section. 


  • For your scheduled webinar, you will find a webinar management page. 


  • Scroll down and click on the Polls.


  • To start the surveys, you can click on the Add button.


  • You can add a title to your poll or survey and choose if you wish to keep the survey anonymous or not. 


  • Select if you need a single choice answer or multiple choice answer from your webinar participants. 


  • Add the answers to the respective questions and Save it. 


  • If you wish to add multiple questions in a single survey, you can click on Add New Question or +.


  • To add a new survey or poll, you can repeat the above steps. 


You can also run the polls and surveys independently if those features are not available in the webinar software/ available through upgraded version .


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