What’s the main challenge you face when you run a webinar?

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Every task comes with its own set of challenges. Likewise, running a webinar too is not a walk in the park. Given below are some main challenges that come along the way.


Challenges while hosting a webinar


  • Creating the content – Once you’ve finalized the idea of hosting a webinar, creating the content for the same takes a lot of time and effort. It’s one of the main challenges as the content has to be informative, interesting, and captivating at the same time.


  • Promotion – Once the content is ready, spreading the word about the webinar is the next difficult task. Deciding upon the right promotion strategies and promoting channels is yet another challenge when you run a  webinar.


  • Capturing registrations – Next in the line is fetching a considerable number of registrations or attendees to attend the webinar. You must highlight the benefits of the webinar to draw the audience’s attention towards it and it’s a challenging task.


  • Technical guidance – A webinar comes with a lot of technical issues such as managing the hosting platform, creating presentations, handling the attendees, analyzing the webinar’s performance, etc. All this requires decent technical guidance. And finding one is quite difficult.


These challenges will appear quite big when you kickstart your first webinar. But, as you do more and more webinars, you will start finding solutions to each one of these.


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