Can they see you during a Webinar?

Webinar Participation

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A webinar is mostly like an open platform. Thus, yes every member can see one another. But the catch here is that webinars are most of the time arranged on different platforms. And all these platforms have different levels of sharing. It can be the case that some of these platforms provide different levels of access and security permissions. And thus with the same members can hide from one another. Also webinar admin will have all rights to control the way webinar should be . Admin can hide the audience/panel members as per the flow of the webinar. That is entirely possible.


Even some of the platforms use settings like changing the profile picture and all. So, you can use an abstract profile picture and then hide your real picture. Some platforms allow you to not even give your real name. Thus, you can use an inspirational name and thus remove all the details about yourself.


Some webinar marketing platforms allow you to control the visibility point to a greater degree. No one other than the host can see you. This is quite comfortable and gives you an ample amount of scope to hide. Thus, nobody in the webinar group other than the host himself can see you.

These are the different ways in which you can control who all sees you in the webinar presentation. There are a number of security settings and thus you can play with them and decide what is best for yourself.


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