What is the best time to hold a webinar?

Webinar Scheduling

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Does the timing of a webinar affect the number of registrants? Some people assume it is a webinar myth. If we look at the webinar statistics, it is clear there are certain times and days in the week that can maximize your registrations for your next event. Follow webinar best practices and be ready to see your next event getting successful:


  • Choose Middle of Week


Scheduling mid-week for the webinars is the best day, as most of the webinar attendees prefer to attend the webinars in the mid-week. According to the webinar statistics, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best time to compete with other webinars.

  • Pick a Slot Between 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.


The 11 a.m. is the peak time to host a webinar as this time slot gets the most registrants. And, ending at 2 p.m. will not let you mess with lunchtime.

  • Prefer Pre-Recorded Webinar


The best solution to the issue of attendees’ time zone is to host a pre-recorded webinar. Not only for the comfort of attendees but also the organizer schedules can easily be accommodated.


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