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What if there was a single webinar management platform that integrated all the tools required for smooth execution of the webinar program and allowed a 2-way communication flow?

Optimise webinar productivity for the desired outcome

Bruhatee brings to you an API (Application Programming Interface) to incorporate all webinar deliverables like webinar hosting tool, drip email tool, social media connect tool, webinar metrics, various reports, webinar index to measure the performance of the program and more on a single platform. You will be able to track your entire webinar calendar and control your online events in a secured and end-to-end encrypted virtual environment. Experience an all-in-one webinar management platform created with Bruhatee’s expertise and consultation.

Key features

Chat Management

Incorporate conversational AI chatbots for efficient customer engagement and easy site navigation

Process Tracking

Track and enhance your webinars workflow with well-planned flowcharts, process models, workflow diagrams, infographics and more.

Standard operating procedures

Customised step-by-step process note for each and every webinar ensures smooth workflow of your webinar program.

User-friendly platform

Access all your tools on a single platform with a click of a tab.

Webinar hosting

Integrate webinar hosting tools of your choice like zoom, WebEx and more. < Add or delete as required>

Collaboration Tools

Enhance collaboration with advanced webinar tools for hosting online meetings, training, surveys, video sharing, conferencing and more.


Generate detailed reports to measure your webinar’s performance and draw inferences to determine future actionable.

Online Surveys

Prompt and execute pre-campaign, post-campaigns and live webinar surveys to record attendees’ expectations, response and feedback.

Webinar ROI calculator

Calculate the ROI and expected financial outcome from your webinar program with Bruhatee’s signature offering – webinar ROI calculator.

Webinar index

Calculate webinar index to measure the performance of your webinar program on multiple parameters to derive interesting inferences.

Drip email campaign

Manage your email campaign with a predefined set of emails and autoresponders triggered at each stage of the webinar program with a click of a tab.

Social media tools

Manage social media campaigns by integrating with leading social media platforms and assessing your online events’ performance in one go.

Task management

Set and assign reminders for various tasks and actionables. Integrate the same in your webinar calendar for automated execution or trigger them manually based on your preferences.

Webinar calendar

Build and access custom-designed webinar calendar to suit your organisation requirement.

Website themes

A pleasing campaign theme that catches audience attention, encourages higher browsing time on your webpage, generates registration, increases subscription and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any tool that allows you to host, manage and evaluate your webinar and its logistics successfully is termed as webinar software.

An online platform that allows you to host live events, webinars, on-demand viewing, video sharing and more is termed as a webinar management platform.

An online service that allows you to host live meetings, conferences, summits and more using a computer and internet from any device is termed as a web conferencing software.

An online platform that allows you to host and broadcast live events, web-based seminars, online conferences, share audio and video presentations with multiple viewers at the same time is termed as a virtual webinar platform.