Webinar Index

Evaluate the cumulative performance of your webinar program across various channels like website traffic and engagement, online and offline SEO impact, drip email and sequence email campaigns results, online advertisements visibility score on search engines, high traffic websites and popular social media platforms like Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

How do we calculate the webinar index?

Webinar index is calculated by comparing the desired outcomes from the respective channel performance vis-à-vis industry benchmark. Historic analysis of the previous webinars and digital marketing program is also taken into consideration. These results are then replicated in a real-life scenario to achieve the expected outcome.


To sum it up, the webinar index is directly proportional to the sum total of key metrics of each webinar as a campaign in its own perspective.

So, What's your webinar index and how do you intend to improve it?

Webinar Campaign Perspective

At Bruhatee, we regard every webinar as a campaign by itself and work towards efficient execution of the same. The webinar programs performance will be calculated to derive scores and analyse the same on various parameters.