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Choose webinar as per your target audience

The webinars you conduct and the framework you select for these webinars depend entirely on your clients. The target audience plays a vital role in making a webinar successful. Let’s check out how you can select a webinar format based on the type of your business. But before that, let’s see the kinds of clients one might encounter. 


  • Logical or Dominating – These clients are the know-it-all type and do not tolerate any errors.


  • Socializers – These people like to talk a lot and enjoy being the centre of attention. They love to chatter and interact with everyone in the crowd.


  • Analytical – This type of client asks many questions, and you must have answers to all to satisfy them.


  • Emotional – They explore the brand only if they feel a connection. They are the faithful ones that will likely turn into loyal customers in the future. 

 Based on the client type, you can select the most suitable webinar. 

  • Technical – If your client base is people from technical backgrounds, the perfect choice would be a screen-sharing webinar. Through this, you can show how to install or plug in a software and demonstrate the process smoothly.


  • On-boarding employees – If you are planning to conduct a webinar for your employees, a slide presentation will suit them best. As employees already know the company, sharing and explaining through slides will be effortless.


  • Launch – The webinar for a launch should be a video conference with a chatbox facility. This will enable new entrants to get answers to their queries. The facility also can be used to keep your attendees hooked by asking questions during the webinar.


  • Panellist discussion – If you have guest speakers at your webinar, it can be a pre-recorded session to avoid issues. A live session can be conducted with foolproof software in place too.


  • Educational – When clients have been invited for an educational session on a specific topic, a screen-sharing webinar with a chatbox facility will be helpful. 

Knowing your clients well can ensure your webinar’s success.


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