What do you charge your webinar attendees?

webinar attendees

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When you ask people to invest their valuable time and energy, which are precious resources in their own right, the last thing you want to do is to demand one more resource like money from them. You’re conducting a webinar to increase your network, market your product/service, or capture as many leads as possible. Either way, you want as many people as possible to attend your webinar. 

However, if you have created a niche product/service or want to build a loyal fan following that is interested in your content, you can charge such attendees an appropriate amount. Paid webinars can help your organization in various ways, from generating leads to building a network and marketing your content.


How much do you charge?


The factors to consider are: 


The audience


How much value will it generate for the audience? Before people even think about signing up for your webinar, they will ask this question to themselves. For a majority of the audience, price isn’t a deterrent if they get good value for their money. The knowledge they gain must be worth the money and time they invest in the webinar.


The content or topic


You’re charging people for this webinar; make sure that they are getting unique and valuable information. Distinctive, premium content such as the one you will be presented shouldn’t be just a click away on Google. You should hire presenters who animatedly engage with the audience. 

Presenting the topic in a manner that catches the audience’s attention immediately is critical as the information age has drastically reduced people’s attention spans. Keep your content narrow and in-depth; people can find general information on anything in seconds. However, in-depth information on specific areas takes significant time. Narrow and deep, not wide and shallow, is where the value lies.


The cost of webinar service


Decent webinar services cost a pretty penny. A managed webinar service that will help you conduct the entire webinar smoothly is extremely valuable. From hassle-free use to customer support standing by to resolve any issues, a paid webinar service will help you deliver value for money.


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