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While hosting a webinar has become easier than ever, the number of webinars you will compete against has also increased. Even with everyone shifting most professional activities online, it is hard to get a sizable audience for a webinar simply because of the sheer number organized every week. This calls for all new webinars to plan and analyze every little detail of the event, from conceptualization to execution with our ultimate guide.


Here are some of the key aspects you must consider when organizing a webinar.


1. Format: Over the years, scores of different webinar formats have been developed. The most widely known webinar format is where a panel of industry experts discusses a trending topic. You can also have a webinar with just one industry expert answering questions and have an audience ask questions. How-to webinars have also grown in number and are a lecture or lecture series teaching the audience the tricks of a particular trade. Similar formats are the Q-and-A format, the casual chat, and the case study format.


2. Software: The software you use to organize your webinar is important. Gone are the days when webinars were organized and recorded exclusively on Skype. Specialized webinar software can now help you in all activities leading up to the webinar, from scheduling to promotion, recording, and sending follow-up emails. You can host many people using this software and make it significantly easier for them to interact with you. GoToWebinar, ClickMeeting Webinars, and EasyWebinar are just some of the specialized webinar software that can be used to comprehensively plan and host webinars.

3. Promotion: It is essential to have a robust and tested promotional strategy in place for your webinar. For this, keep track of where your prospective audience hangs out online. Target that online platform specifically, and send regular updates to those who register, encouraging them to invite others. Keep the promotional activity going until the minute before the webinar starts to ensure the highest possible turnout. In this regard, a number of webinar software can help you create a promotional posting schedule for different platforms. Also, make sure to use email and text message marketing judiciously.


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