Webinar Promotion Tips to Guarantee record registrations for your next webinar

Webinar Promotion Tips

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A webinar is the live streaming of workshops or seminars delivered via the internet. As a host, you invite webinar attendees. The best thing about webinars? The host and the audience can be located anywhere on the globe. There are a few Webinar Promotion Tips to keep in mind to host a successful webinar:


  • Educational: Your webinar should be educational because education brings change. The educational aspect could be anything from educating the audience on a service or product, how to use a tool, a new piece of content, or something else. 
  • Clear Communication: Webinars are a great way to communicate. You can provide value to the audience by stating your message clearly. It includes presenting well-organized content in a webinar.
  • Entertainment: A great webinar is one that successfully entertains the audience. Otherwise, your attendees might think of it as reading a book. The verbal component in the webinar is important because it makes webinars unique. 


You can easily create a webinar with the end goals in mind, including the point you want to get across and things you like talking about. In the end, your webinar is all about building connections so that your audience trusts you and you create a successful lead. Thus, when you have a webinar ready, you should know how to promote it. We have listed a few tips on how to promote your webinars live so that next time nobody misses it.


  1. Choose a topic broad enough to attract an audience and, at the same time, provide advice to the attendees.
  2. Set an attendee goal because, in the end, you want brand awareness and lead generation.
  3. Set a registrant goal to receive the desired number of attendees.
  4. Provide attendees with something useful at the end of the webinar.
  5. Host the webinar on the right day of the week.
  6. Choose a time that is convenient for a majority of the audience.
  7. The landing page should be informative.
  8. Send an email on registration confirmation and a thank-you email.
  9. Send reminder emails for value building.
  10. People might forget the day of the webinar, send two final reminder emails.
  11. Market webinars using social media platforms.
  12. Use paid media for marketing.
  13. Ask speakers to promote the webinar.
  14. Write a blog on the webinar.
  15. Partner up.
  16. Set calendar reminders.
  17. Leverage your homepage.
  18. For a smooth experience, use the best video conferencing tools.


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