What are the best ways to Quickly Overcome Your Public Speaking Anxiety

Public Speaking Anxiety

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Many people struggle with public speaking for several reasons; for example, they don’t like being watched or being in the spotlight. But people who think that avoiding eye contact with the audience can help them cope with anxiety are mistaken. This strategy makes them more nervous.


The most important thing to do to overcome your public speaking anxiety is when you start preparing for the presentation; you need to ask yourself who will be in the room, why they are there, and what kind of questions they can ask. It is important to identify the needs of the audience, both spoken and unspoken so that the speaker is fully clear about what needs to be prepared. This technique helps reduce anxiety.


Generally, most people feel stressed minutes before their entry. This is when you need to think and visualize that the outcome of the event will be positive. Take deep breaths to reduce stress and build confidence.


Another important technique that can be followed is during the first few minutes of your speech, try to make eye contact with the people sitting in the front row. During these first few minutes, if you can make the right eye contact with your audience, it will help calm your nerves and establish a great connection with your audience.


Engaging the audience during public speaking is another way to reduce anxiety. A monologue creates boredom, while a two-way interaction helps minimize boredom. The audience’s participation will give you positivity and motivation that things are going in the right direction.


Many people fear rejection, which means they think, what if the audience does not like the speech. In such cases, you need to understand your topic well and be confident of what you are presenting.


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