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Over the years, PowerPoint presentations have tended to follow a uniform and rather banal format. This format includes a title at the top, with bullets and sub-bullets to follow. If the slide contains an image, it will either be flushed to the right or the left. These slides have become boring and overused and are detested by a majority of viewers.


If you are delivering a webinar or presentation – especially if the presentation is meant to attract prospective consumers or convert leads – using such slides can be detrimental to your cause. To help you make and deliver a better presentation, here are five slide ideas that are bound to get your audience interested.


1. Stunning Images: Using large images as backgrounds in slides is not an old idea but woefully underused. Additionally, the image you use and the amount of text you include on the slide are also important. You must not have more than 10-20 words on the slide to enable the picture to stand out.


2. Custom Images: There is nothing better for your slide deck than a bit of image editing or even graphic design. Custom images can save you from Fair Use allegations, and at the same time, add great character to your slides.


3. Illustrations: PowerPoint is not generally known as an illustration software, but there are quite a few good illustration tools available. You can insert a host of objects and pictures, even three-dimensional ones, into your slides. This gives your slide a winning edge and can even be used to customize your slide template.


4. Animation: Adding animation to your slides can make your audience sit up and take notice. Animations such as GIFs are a really fun way to set a slide apart and add some wit to the proceedings. Additionally, animation can also be used to convey ideas succinctly. 


5. Showcasing Data: Get rid of old data representation tools and methods. Using bar graphs, pie charts, and the like is perhaps the easiest way to put off your audience. Instead, look for novel methods to represent data and make it eye-popping enough to be noticed.


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