Webinar as a Service

Bruhatee brings you the first of its kind integrated platform for end to end B2B Webinar management as a service. Customised package to suit your organisation’s requirements. Integrate with your existing setup or implement the latest updates available in the domain.

Choose your B2B webinar package

Every business is exclusive and needs a unique solution for growth and expansion. Design a package that is appropriate for your B2B marketing requirement. Bruhatee’s expertise in end to end webinar management will assist you to build a customised webinar package that is right for your business needs. Choose appropriate options from a variety of webinars designed for your B2B requirements.

Special webinar offerings

Industry driven solutions


Ask Me Anything (AMA)

A panel of subject matter experts comes together to answer all your queries and questions in AMA sessions.

Thought Leadership

Share the platform with industry leaders, influencers and pioneers. Seek guidance, expertise and perspective from established organisations and experts in the field.

Community Building

Build B2B client communities for your business. Bring together stakeholders with common interests and expertise to share the latest updates and developments.

Nurture your clientele

Online Events & Workshops

Brand focussed solutions


Channel Partner

Grow and nurture your business by expanding your channel partner network with webinars focussed on affiliation and acquisition.

System Integrators

Implement transformational strategies to integrate and build your business systems by communicating with your partners through webinars.


Optimise and build a stronger distribution channel, improve distributor loyalty and increase revenues by connecting on webinars.

Social media management


Frequently Asked Questions

Webinars have become an integral part of business promotion, marketing and expansion. Webinar as a Service (WaaS) provides customised logistic support and expertise for end-to-end management of your webinar calendar.

A variety of tools and techniques are available to measure the success of your online event. Multiple parameters are ranging from the number of registrations to actual conversion. From increased visibility of your brand to ROI and revenue generation.

Webinars are currently the most popular and cost-effective marketing tools available to reach the relevant audience in a wider market. It allows businesses to connect with prospective and existing clients, business partners and stakeholders for productive engagement and business expansion.

Bolster your B2B marketing with well-planned and professionally executed webinar calendar. Build your brand, expand your business, secure sales leads, establish new markets and more by connecting to the right audience. Get 10x returns with the same investment and efforts.

Webinars are gaining popularity with work from anywhere culture being accepted globally. It allows businesses to connect with stakeholders and reach wider clientele without worrying about actual travels or meetings in person. It facilitates quicker resolution of queries, expedites sales closure and helps grow business exponentially with a click of a button.