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How do we plan our webinar campaigns?

Bruhatee’s internal team follows a comprehensive workflow process. Once you provide the essential inputs and click submit on our web portal, we will schedule an exploratory call to understand your requirements in detail. Based on the discussion and the plan chosen, our internal team will evaluate the data and recommend solutions to optimize your webinar program results. Our team will work closely with your team to structure strategic solutions, propose a custom-made webinar calendar – complete with a detailed execution plan, timelines, dependencies, task list, projected outcome from the webinar program, and more. Once the terms and conditions are agreed, and contracts processed, we will initiate the webinar program and share with you, a detailed document for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Target the right clientele for your webinar campaign. Include subscribers list, existing clientele, prospects at different lead stages in sales & marketing funnel, and capture newer markets. Personalized drip email campaigns for different lead stages to be implemented post approval from the client. Additional prospect generation with active and updated data procured from reliable partners and vendors. Personalized and verified client list with managerial level contacts relevant for your industry and targeted geographies.

A team of experts will thoroughly analyze all the parameters and recommend an execution plan for the webinar campaign. Based on the work scope and detailing required, we can put together a personalized webinar calendar and launch the campaign in the time frame of 1 – 3 weeks.

Bruhatee’s expertise is not just limited to webinar management but also extends to B2B marketing. Our team of experts will help you develop a customized sales & marketing funnel based on your requirements. We will recommend custom made campaigns for the execution of every single webinar. Guaranteed and assured deliverance of MQL’s for the package deal of 6 or more webinars annually.

We recommend you to utilize your marketing automation tool to run the webinar marketing campaign. While we would require access to monitor the process, you can deactivate the downloading option and monitor the activities that are executed at our end. In case you do not have an existing marketing automation tool, we recommend you to subscribe to the same for the campaign’s tenure in order to protect your data.

We will have to work together as a team to ensure the smooth execution of the webinar program. You will have to provide us with your branding guidelines, speaker profiles, company/corporate profiles; finalize webinar themes, and grant us access to tools; provide inputs, approvals & feedback from relevant authorities & stakeholders, and any other assistance required. We will share a webinar checklist and a Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) document with detailed timelines to ensure completion of the campaign as agreed.

Bruhatee’s internal marketing can provide support for an end to end execution of your webinar marketing needs. It will include everything from strategic planning to implementation, program setup to flawless execution, branding & advertising across multiple digital marketing channels, and more. We ensure you with a higher percentage of registration, customer response, lead generation, MQLs, and more.

Absolutely yes, our packages offer flexibility to pick services and asset options as per your requirement. You can select from the list of marketing tools we offer or use your existing infrastructure. Your quotations and payable bill will be generated based on the services chosen and utilized.

Bruhatee’s experience and expertise in webinar management have yielded consistent and enhanced results for the clients. There is measurable improvement in every parameter from lead generation to customer engagement, nurturing to branding, and more. Our team will share the strategic inputs and implementation plan to be executed by utilising your existing teams, infrastructure, and tools to improve your webinar campaign’s performance. We will provide you with complete support at every stage of the program, from initial planning to execution to post-webinar campaign closure and ensure you experience a multi-fold growth and expected results from the campaign.

Yes. All our marketing assets, including content, designs, templates, microsites, videos, surveys, are regulated and licensed by relevant authorities. We assure 100% ownership transfer of all the assets and appropriate registration validations & licenses to you at the time of campaign delivery or as per the timelines agreed in the contract.

While most clients prefer to onboard their partners, advisors, mentors, customers, celebrities, industry experts to endorse their business and speak as panelists; we can check within our vast network and share the references with you. You will have to inform us about your requirements at the initial stage in the campaign for us to check on the speakers’ availability. This service is not listed as a component in the package and will be purely on goodwill sharing. Any service charges if applicable will be payable to the guest speaker and panelists directly by the client.

Yes, we offer ‘webinar presentation’ as an additional service option when selecting your package. We will require your assistance to understand the organization’s thought process, ideology, and any other inputs for the content. We will fine-tune the data for presentability with our internal team or professional partners to make an impressive webinar presentation.

How do we plan our webinar campaigns?

Utilize your existing resources, infrastructure, and internal teams. Custom build your webinar package. Select additional options for extended support.

End to end management

Optimize on our and management expertise to uplift your brand and generate leads. Select our all-inclusive package for professional advantage & hassle-free execution of your webinar calendar.


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