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Bruhatee offers you a variety of flexible options to kick start your B2B webinar campaign. Start small or go full-fledged with a webinar program built to suit your requirements. Here’s an ultimate guide to efficient webinar management.

Get started with Bruhatee in 5 simple steps

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End to end management.

Share the brief of your requirements with our webinar whizz and allow the experts to manage every minute detail for the end to end management and execution of your webinar campaign.

Strategic Consulting

Scale up your webinar performance with strategically planned and executed webinars for maximised output and desired results. Involve with our team to build short-term and long-term webinar strategies for your organisation.


Build up your webinar network as desired. Our team is at your service 24/7.

Custom build your first webinar

Cherry-pick preferences from our pre-listed offerings. Include additional modules to the elementary structure to suit your budget and requirements.

Predefined modules



Keep your webinar flow in control with professional anchoring. Minimise the dropout during the session with well-scripted introduction and active audience engagement.


Educate your audience with high-quality content at all stages of your webinar campaign, from marketing communication to landing page content and more.


Design plays a vital role in conveying the right value for your brand and encourages your audience to explore your offerings further.


Communicate effectively with your audience with well-planned email campaigns to increase registration for the webinar and continue to connect with them for sales closures and more.

Guest Blogging

Boost your domain authority with industry experts endorsing your webinar and business by promoting your links on high traffic sites and including referrals in their write-ups.

Hosting (Platform)

Integrate webinar management service to operate on the hosting platform of your choice without additional investment.


Channel the webinar in the right direction with a professional moderator managing a variety of tasks and operations that require strategic planning and preparation.

Online Advertisement

Target the right audience with well-placed online advertisements to draw higher registration for your webinars.

Process Setting

Assemble the webinar campaign with streamlined processes and guidelines for optimum resource management at minimum cost.


Create live quizzes for interactive audience engagement. It is also an effective way of gathering feedback.


The impact of webinars from the business point of view can be analysed with the reports generated at the touch of a button.


Improve the visibility of your webinar campaign and business by optimising the power of search engines to drive home relevant traffic.

Single Tool Tracking

Integrate all your business matrix in an easy to use single tool tracking system for efficient asset management.


Gather accurate intelligence and draw informed conclusions with sample surveys of your target audience at various lead stages in your webinar campaign.

Target Customer List

Identify your target audience and build your customer database by analysing the interactions and time spent by prospects in the webinars. Identify hot leads and connect with them for successful closure.

Task Assignment

Integrate task assignment tools in your webinar for quick sorting, performance analysis and reporting all in one place.


Ensure smooth execution of your webinars with pre-checks on all technical aspects.

Tool Setup

The package includes basic tool setup for smooth execution of your webinar campaign. Add more tools as required to customise your package.


Include HD video snippets to promote your webinars before the actual date and use the recordings to continue communication with prospective clients.

… and more

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on the amount of customisation required, we can put up a webinar campaign for you in 3-4 weeks. The time may extend based on the detailing and customisation required. The agreed timelines will be honoured as per the contract.

We integrate a mix of multiple tools to ensure the best results for your webinar campaign. Some of the tools which we recommend to all our patrons are < Demio, WebinarNinja, WebinarJam, EverWebinar, Google Hangout Meets, Zoom, Adobe Connect, BigMarker, Zoho Meetings, ON24, Webex Events and more>.

We offer our webinar management services for B2B companies ranging from manufacturing, structured cabling, passive networking, networking, software as a service (SaaS), software, manufacturing system integrators, software system integrators, independent software vendors (ISVs), IT services, pharmaceuticals, IT consulting, B2B consultants, IT consultants, system integrators, food processing, retail, non-profits, industry bodies and more. We are open to exploring based on your requirements.


Connect with us for webinar management solutions for your startups, SMEs, mid-market, enterprise and more.

We will integrate your existing resources & tools and suggest additions to build the webinar package accordingly.

Hosting a webinar involves a lot of strategic planning and inventory management. With Bruhatee at your service, all you need to do is fill up a quick questionnaire to determine the right package for you or connect with our webinar whizz and let us know your requirements.