Virtual Event Management Glossary

Bruhatee’s virtual event management glossary provides definitions for all the common terms that marketing professionals should know for efficiently executing virtual events. These are simple terminologies that everyone in marketing needs to understand. A central repository of virtual event management terminologies for you to refer to anytime at your convenience.


An activity of the Convention Industry Council. Intended to create and actualize industry-wide acknowledged practices, APEX unites industry experts with cost investment funds and better instruction.

This term alludes to a comprehensive value given, regularly utilized by numerous settings and providers, that incorporates all shrouded charges, for example, assessments and tips.

Programming that permits function organizers and chiefs to make an information base of contacts so they can all the more likely screen, oversee, and keep in touch connections.

A proportion of the number of function registrants really join in, determined by isolating the quantity of flake-outs by complete registrants for the function or meeting

Alludes to hardware with both sound and visual parts function organizers use for introductions, including screens, screens, projectors, amplifiers, video, and sound gear.


Something contrary to B2B, this abbreviation signifies ‘Business to Consumer/Customer’ functions, frequently identifying with more buyer and public-confronting functions.

This term alludes to territories of help and administration for the most part not seen by visitors, offered by the inn, function setting or office.


Additionally called a “Program Execution Order (PEO), this request for directions plots all function coordinations and guidelines a setting requires to effectively execute a function. This archive subtleties the timings of the function, space or room arrangement, menu choices, general media necessities, and how the function will be run.

An intricate and formal dinner for some individuals.

A top managerial staff is a gathering of individuals who together administer the exercises of an association, which can be either a for-benefit or a charitable association, for example, a business, philanthropic association, or an administration office

These terms all mean to bring down gear and gather up things that have been set up for a function, after the function is finished.

This term alludes to an office, set of rooms, or region in an inn or function scene utilized for the sole reason for successful conferences and introductions. Different office offices and administrations, for example, printing and copying are offered to help the function group nearby.

Various little round tables are spread out with seats confronting the stage territory, with a hole nearest to the speaker/entertainer so no participants have their backs to the front.


This agreement provision subtleties the terms and conditions under which an organization may drop or end the arrangement or reservation.

Information base programming that contains data about accessibility, rates, and related administrations, and through which reservations can be made.

A very much perceived accreditation programs for experts in the gathering, show, and display enterprises, coordinated by the Convention Industry Coun


A contract is the award of power or rights, expressing that the granter officially perceives the privilege of the beneficiary to practice the rights indicated

This setting configuration sees the room set up with tables and seats in columns shaping a V-development confronting the stage.

A scholarly workshop generally drove by an alternate teacher and on an alternate subject at each gathering or comparatively to an instructional exercise drove by understudies just like the case in Norway.

Makes an interpretation of video/sound to an advanced arrangement for transmission over the Internet.

There are numerous ways participants can interface – or draw in – with your substance, including surveys, studies, live talks, and question entries

Function Marketing software helps associations distinguish their intended interest group, just as investigate and market their events through the utilization of event pages, messages, online media, and versatile advancements.

An event the executives software is a Software as a Service (Saas), that empowers to oversee the event activity in an organization from the earliest starting point as far as possible, if an end there is. This stage is made out of an online back-office and a participant interface, regularly a portable application.

Function registration is the cycle by which an event planner coordinates participation to an encounter for at least one participants.

Any technology that encourages you plan, oversee, and coordinate information when putting on an event which helps in function enrollment.

Any technology that causes you plan, oversee, and coordinate information when putting on an event.

An event website is for all intents and purposes a sans cost advanced commercial for the event you’re putting together

An event-driven application is a PC program that is composed to react to activities created by the client or the framework.

Show hall location where exhibitors may place orders for work or registration … from which window hangings are hung to make a divider, partition a room or defined a space.

A hybrid event is a tradeshow, gathering, unconference, course, workshop or other gathering that consolidates a “live” in-person event with a “virtual” online part. … The open, participatory nature of unconferences (e.g., Barcamp) and their attention on sharing substance, makes them hybrid events too.


A Feedback survey is a cycle used to recognize or quantify the joy and fulfillment of various business elements or shoppers. It is estimated by following the items/administrations or the workplace of the organization

A casual discussion.

A gathering or medium where thoughts and perspectives on a specific issue can be traded.


Prosperity sessions are organized to permit you to have more noteworthy association and capacity to hear the murmurs of your body, find customized uphold in how to come into better arrangement with your tendency, and time to get recuperating and a feeling of completeness that you can convey with you into your every day life.

A combination of an actual function with components of a virtual function to associate face to face and far off members from various areas, normally running all the while.


Alludes to the capacity to share information between two unique stages.

Interactive whiteboard applications are an incredible method to keep distant representatives locked in. … everybody to partake in a whiteboard session during a video meeting

Inner training to build up the information and abilities of your representatives .


Live streaming is a sort of streaming in which sound or video is broadcast live over the Internet. The media is sent while it is recorded, permitting watchers to watch or hear it out continuously.

Live-set refers to any performance of electronic music that is generated live out of a bank of gear or a PC instead of a DJ blend, which is played from a pre-recorded medium, for example, vinyl and CD with turntables or sound documents with DJ programming, for example, Traktor, Serato or Virtual DJ.

A live survey is an overview wherein members impart reactions through the Internet, normally by finishing a poll in a website page. Online surveys may permit anybody to take an interest, or they might be confined to an example drawn from a bigger board.

Live Presentations in PowerPoint, crowd individuals can see a presentation on their gadgets and read live subtitles in their favored language while you talk.

In some cases otherwise called a planned replay, these sorts of functions broadcast pre-recorded exercises/meetings at a particular time and normally incorporate a live post-introduction Q&A. Pre-recording gives more control while the live Q&A improves open doors for intuitiveness.

Communicating or getting live video and sound inclusion of a function over the Internet.

Live streaming and recording software for gaming, introductions and live functions.

An intuitive online class or panel conversation, or perhaps we’re online for a … We livestream our keynotes and our meetings that we envision


Function showcasing is the experiential advertising of a brand, administration, or item through noteworthy encounters or limited time functions. It regularly includes direct collaboration with a brand’s agents. It ought not be mistaken for function the executives, which is a cycle of getting sorted out, advancing and directing functions.

A gathering is when at least two individuals meet up to talk about at least one themes, frequently in a formal or business setting, however gatherings additionally happen in an assortment of different conditions. Numerous different kinds of gatherings exist.

Application Insights, an element of Azure Monitor, is an extensible Application Performance Management (APM) administration for engineers and DevOps experts. Use it to screen your live applications.

The event monitor lets you record your pulse and mood when you feel indications. Some event monitors can find and record unpredictable heart rhythms continuously, with or without side effects.


Normalized metric for estimating the dependability of an association’s customer connections. Commonplace NPS reviews ask clients likely they are to prescribe an assistance or item to a companion.


Video on request is a media conveyance framework that permits clients to get to recordings without a customary video playback gadget and the requirements of an ordinary static telecom plan. In the twentieth century, telecom as over-the-air writing computer programs was the most well-known type of media conveyance.

Participants access these sorts of functions and meetings on their timetable. Commonly, organizers record a live featured discussion or meeting, and afterward make the account accessible to watch whenever.

A yearly regular gathering is a gathering of the overall enrollment of an association. These associations incorporate participation affiliations and organizations with investors. These gatherings might be legally necessary or by the constitution, sanction, or by-laws overseeing the body.

A video web-based feature is an on request online diversion hotspot for TV shows, films and other streaming media. These administrations give a choice to link and satellite on request administration, frequently at a lower cost. … The accessibility, substance and cost of administrations may differ starting with one district then onto the next.

Additionally called virtual functions, online functions are functions that occur absolutely online through the guide of a PC (a tablet or a cell phone) and the Internet, or at the end of the day, functions whose participants or potentially members meet through sharing a typical virtual climate on the web, not a genuine actual area.

A concert is a live music performance before a group of people. The exhibition might be by a … After the flare-up of (COVID-19), there are a ton of online concert venues to help craftsman.

A virtual summit is a kind of collaborative online event in which speakers are met by a host. It resembles an online conference with an assortment of online presentations from 6 to 30+ specialists on a point.

An online workshop can be defined as a course made accessible on an advanced stage to give explicit information through recordings, text, pictures and infographics.


By and by recognizable information (PII) is information that, when utilized alone or with other applicable information, can distinguish a person.

A raised level surface on which individuals or things can stand.

A webcast is a long winded arrangement of expressed word advanced sound records that a client can download to an individual gadget for simple tuning in. Real time applications and podcasting administrations give an advantageous and incorporated approach to deal with an individual utilization line across many digital recording sources and playback gadgets.

Record the feeling or vote of.

Exhortation earlier offered to function coordinators that incorporates positive and additionally negative remarks, recommendations, and notes gave by visitors after the function, all together for function organizers and coordinators to increase a comprehension of victories and where enhancements can be made.

Used to qualify participants before the function and assemble information about them, this sort of data includes a poll used to accumulate data from participants, with questions regularly asked during the online function enlistment measure.


At Q&A Sessions (Questions and Answers meetings) the crowd could suggest conversation starters to the speaker(s). The Q&A regularly follow the introduction/discourse of the speaker(s) as a component of the meeting (ex. 30 min talking opening and 20 min Q&A space).

A Sales Qualified Lead involves a forthcoming client – who has been qualified -being considered prepared for the sales team of your organization to get in contact and close a deal.


Computer based intelligence Media offers everything needd to make recorded content accessible, including inscribing, captioning, records and sound depiction

A recruiting event is like a systems administration meeting between a few enrollment specialists and potential occupation up-and-comers.

A landing page, as defined by Unbounce (an organization that spends significant time in building landing pages), is “an independent web page distinct from your fundamental site that has been intended for a solitary centered goal.

A registration form is a rundown of fields that a client will include information into and submit to an organization or person.


an event (generally short) for purchasing at exceptionally discounted costs; “they held a sale to decrease their stock”;

Plan review is an occasion to see entire timetable, for example, a film, display, or innovation.

A self-service portal lets your clients — be they clients or representatives — get help on their own terms from most any advanced gadget, and can raise the online profile of your image simultaneously.

Numerous stages nowadays offer DIY apparatuses, which means an organizer can set everything up all alone. While this gives organizers control and adaptability, the expectation to absorb information and absence of specialized help can be a mood killer for more intricate virtual functions

A mobile function app is a bit of programming downloaded from an application store and … For example, think about an individual timetable for every participant. … Add speaker rating at the finish of each session; Include reviews to get instant feedback

A slidecast is a sort of web recording that joins sound with a slideshow or diaporama introduction

Social media, engagement encapsulates an assortment of activities, for example, a “share” on Facebook or a “like” on Instagram. It is any association a fan has with your social media content that shows they are keen on your post and might need to help your business.

Online Media Mentions are a proportion of how frequently your image name has been mentioned on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Live polling helps you catch function participants’ moment input in a … for physically tallying, gathering input, and generating engagement. … speakers can request that the crowd express their opinions via a live … you can use their input to improve the way the session goes.

In software engineering, a stack is a theoretical information type that fills in as an assortment of components, with two fundamental head tasks: push, which adds a component to the assortment, and pop, which eliminates the most as of late added component that was not yet taken out.

An online provider of diversion (music, motion pictures, and so forth) that conveys the substance by means of an Internet association with the supporter’s PC, TV or cell phone. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Spotify and Apple Music are prominent models.


A podcast is a sound program, just like Talk Radio, yet you buy in to it on your cell phone and hear it out at whatever point you like. Buy in to the Podcasting Advice show on your listening application of decision

A function coordinated by an organization/association for its workers/team(s) with the reasonable goal to propel the colleagues, improve social relations among them and increment the general presentation of the team(s)/representatives. This is accomplished through various group building exercises: works out, games, community assignments, rivalries, and so forth

Coordinated action, pointed toward bestowing data or potentially guidelines to improve the beneficiary’s presentation or to support that person achieve a necessary degree of information or skill.” Business Dictionary. There are various arrangements of trainings: masterclasses, workshops, instructing or tutouring functions, etc. What is normal between every one of these structures is that a trainer(s)/coach(es) send information to a gathering of individuals seeking to get it.

Two-way, intelligent sound and video correspondence. Stages range from free or minimal effort arrangements like Zoom or Skype to top of the line to stages that utilization HD camcorders and showcases.


A Virtual Auditorium is a gathering space that is streamlined for use by few Hosts and countless Guests, for example: a talk, where the teacher joins as the Host and all the understudies join as Guests.

The virtual cafe would be a real, physical cafe, where each table is outfitted with cutting edge videoconferencing equipment. You and a companion would each go to a cafe in your separate urban areas, plunk down opposite one another, request drinks from a similar menu, and essentially have a discussion

Glossary of virtual functions

Much like face to face gatherings, virtual meetings are worked around a live, complex plan that incorporates featured discussions, meetings, breakouts, crowd commitment instruments and then some.

Virtual functions or online functions are functions that occur absolutely online through the guide of PC (tablet or a cell phone) and the Internet or at the end of the day functions whose participants as well as members meet through sharing a typical virtual climate on the web, not a real actual area.

A virtual expo(or a virtual trade fair) is a sort of virtual event run in an online climate, that is facilitated online for a restricted timeframe.

keynotes at a virtual event are similarly as significant as keynotes at an in-person function (and may be considerably more so.) … “A virtual event is a Web-based function that recreates numerous parts of a customary spot based gathering, participation meeting, or career expo.

Virtual meetings are constant collaborations that occur over the Internet utilizing incorporated sound and video, talk apparatuses, and application sharing. They offer an approach to draw in understudies in completely intuitive, internet learning encounters, for example, talks, conversations, and coaching.

A transmission of an introduction or function – either sound just or video and sound – over the web, with a TV-studio like quality for functions like city centers, gatherings, board conversations, item dispatches and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Computer-generated reality is a recreated experience that can be like or totally unique in relation to this present reality.

A virtual tradeshow is a kind of virtual function run in an online climate, that is facilitated online for a restricted timeframe. It very well may be viewed as what might be compared to a conventional tradeshow or display, yet exhibitors and guests associate with each other on the web, instead of face to face

A virtual tradeshow is a kind of virtual function run in an online climate, that is facilitated online for a restricted timeframe. It tends to be viewed as what could be compared to a customary tradeshow or display, yet exhibitors and guests associate with each other on the web, as opposed to face to face.

An electronic stage intended to outwardly recreate an actual expo climate. Virtual participants can observe live or on-request introductions and can likewise speak with exhibitors through web visits. Sellers exhibit their items and administrations at 3D virtual corners. These sorts of conditions are generally gotten to by means of a program and don’t need downloads.

Takes into consideration voice transmission over the Internet that doesn’t expect members to bring in for the sound bit (consider “Joining by Computer Audio” in a web based gathering stages like WebEx or GoToMeeting).


Utilizing video innovation to communicate a function or meeting to members unfit to go to face to face.

In contrast to a virtual climate, virtual universes frequently require programming downloads. Participants, by and large, make their symbols and travel through the climate, visiting virtual reciprocals of theaters, show spaces, and the sky is the limit from there.

An introduction, meeting, discussion, or course broadcast over the web.

Live online courses occur continuously and consider significantly more intelligence as the crowd can pose inquiries whenever and find a solution.


Treated as a type of activity, a complete yoga session with asanas and pranayama online