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webinar marketing strategy

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A global crisis like the COVID-19 has the potential to either paralyze marketing protocols or stimulate them to thrive. With the pandemic dramatically shifting the market landscape and consumer patterns, marketing teams face extraordinary challenges with communication approaches to meaningfully engage their audience. While it may feel safe to be conservative when there is an economic crisis, mindful marketing to keep customers informed and engaged may be the best approach to adopt in these difficult times. That said, marketing in today’s times also needs to be sensitive to peoples changing needs and at the same time flexible to adapt to the sweeping changes. This is the time to embrace innovative and effective marketing strategies to provide optimum value to customers, establish reliable bonds and produce results. Amongst such strategies, webinars emerge as the clear winner! Many businesses all over the world have heavily taken up webinar marketing, especially post-Covid, with the online space emerging as the hotspot of all the action. In fact, webinars testified to be among the topmost revenue creators for B2B marketers in 2017 (source).


Now there may be several reasons why customers choose to stick with a brand or company. They may like the product or the company culture or identify with its core value. In all of my experience of conducting webinars, I have experienced different formats and realised that a unique webinar idea can work like magic to brand and boost an organisation’s business. A solid B2B webinar marketing strategy can engineer new useful leads non-stop. It can nurture a company’s prospects through the marketing funnel to effectively engage them and drive leads and convert those leads into sales to help the company grow.

If you’re still wondering how this is possible, let me showcase the core benefits of a webinar:


Deeply engages Target Audiences


Customer retention is a prime goal of all organizations. Webinars are unlike any other platform to keep your audiences engaged at length. Even video demonstrations struggle to achieve that! Companies can create a meaningful dialogue with their prospects by providing educational and relevant content, addressing their specific pain points and concerns to earn a level of trust that can coerce them to commit. On the other hand, they get a voice through webinars. The audience can ask questions, get real-time feedback, workable solutions thus getting tremendous value out of it, leading to lead generation. And all this in the shortest time!


Builds your Brand/Company


In the mounting sea of marketing ads, emails, mailers, to get people to notice your brand is a challenge. B2B webinars are a brilliant tool for just that! By providing innovative, compelling content through webinars that address B2B challenges can help elevate your brand above the crowd and rightfully project it as the leader.

B2B webinars can help establish your company’s expertise and build its reputation and earn credibility in the market. In fact, by simply implementing a webinar, you are positioned as an expert in your field before you even begin to present your content. You stand to gain an advantage again in case you get an industry expert to your webinar for it will further position you as an expert as that person will be associating his name with your business. In a way, you “borrow” your guest’s credibility to boost webinar registration, overall excitement, social media sharing.


Increases Online Visibility/Presence


Webinar marketing is a great way to enhance your company’s exposure by using the webinar platform to present its products and services. You can leverage this platform to position your company for the maximum advantage of the target audience. In fact, you can present a crisp live demo of your abilities that is guaranteed to be more powerful than facts, figures, or datasheet.


Generates High-quality Leads


All businesses need quality leads to grow. But most organizations struggle to do so. Webinars are an effective way to charm new prospects and convert them to customers. Also, webinar registrations that ask people to submit their name, email, etc allow them to highlight themselves as new leads. Webinars are a great way to build a good rapport with the new leads to drive them further into the lead funnel. You can cast a significant first impression on your prospects. In case you invite a specialized guest or an industry influencer to your webinar, that creates another fantastic opportunity for you to introduce your business and expertise to an altogether new audience and capture new leads.


Forms a Strong Sales Funnel by speeding up Sales


Companies thrive on cash flow. So, the faster a company can convert a lead into a buyer, the better it is for the company. And webinars can help boost this process! 

Webinars are an influential means to keep existing leads compellingly engaged and propel them further down the sales funnel. Typically, a B2B buyer needs multiple touchpoints before the lead converts into a customer. Webinars provide the opening to keep the process going and achieving that target.


Accomplishes Sales without Selling Tough


The right kind of webinar marketing can soft-sell your potential clients without having to “hard close” on them. A well-formulated webinar should highlight problems, kill grievances and provide relatable solutions without teaching needlessly. Effectual webinar content should guide the audience about WHAT to want, WHAT being your product. So, when it’s time to make the sales pitch, the audience is already interested in buying the product, easing a natural sale with no hard selling.


Webinars are Affordable and Cost-effective


The overhead costs of conducting a webinar are minimal. People across the world can access webinars, saving the cost of traveling. If you are unable to attend the live webinar, you can still benefit by accessing the on-demand recording of it. You can make your webinar reach an extensive range of prospects through email marketing efforts or social channels.


A Convenient Platform with Widespread Consumer Reach


All it needs is a decent internet connection, a computer/laptop, and means to access it. You can conveniently conduct webinars and connect with a large number of people far and wide, without having to leave home. Imagine the scope: doing a webinar remotely, connecting to thousands of people around the world in a one-two hour timespan. 


Furthermore, the more engaging your webinars are, the more committed your audience will be to attend each presentation of your webinar. Further, you can shape a substantial contact list. Every implemented webinar establishes new contacts. Thus, you can build a bank of contacts in the form of attendees, panelists, celebrity guests, their followers.


Clearly, webinars offer quick, convenient, real-time connectivity, one-on-one/one-on-many communication between the company and their clientele (existing and potential) to establish better customer bonds for the generation of quality leads. Any organization out there can reap a motley of benefits from time and cost savings to enhanced branding value and increased online presence. So, if you haven’t been focussing on webinar marketing, now is the time to integrate webinars into your organization’s marketing strategy and make them a part of your success story. I hope this list inspires you to do just that. If you can think of any benefit I may have missed, I would love to hear from you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses mainly use webinars as a part of their marketing strategy to meaningfully engage with their target audiences in a quickest, cost-effective manner. As webinars are a visual setting, they help businesses to effectively connect with their customers.

The benefits of a webinar are manifold. Webinars offer a fantastic opportunity to directly engage with your target audience, establishing a bond and reaching mutually-beneficial agreements. They allow a wider reach with your prospects, both live and subsequently through on-demand recording, saving travelling time and overhead costs.

Several factors make a great webinar like:


  • Know your attendees
  • Choose an engaging and relevant topic
  • Identify the webinar format (will there be a single speaker, a panel discussion, a guest speaker, a Q&A session, storytelling form)
  • Provide optimum value to customers
  • Consider different time zones
  • Promote the webinar well
  • Select the right webinar platform for a seamless experience


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