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Building your global partner network in the SaaS industry

Building your global partner network in the SaaS industry

Why does your SaaS business need a global partner network?

Engineer Success by Growing Surely and Steadily

Scale exponential growth with our relevant and micro-personalised strategies and increase success opportunities to build your business
Build a Strong & Robust Global Partner Network

Build a Strong & Robust Global Partner Network

Bring in scale and execute complex strategies in micro & macro levels for a synergized growth business story. Learn to look at the business problems from a top-down & a bottom-up approach.

Improve the Quality of your Products

A global partner network has the potential to expose you and your tech & business teams to international know-how. This, in turn, improves the quality of your products upping customer preference among your domestic competitors

Delivery Time

Minimize Delivery Time

Being introduced to newer tech advancements will ensure you get an edge in reducing the time it takes from order to delivery. Thus ensuring fast-paced yet organic growth for your business.


Gain Credibility

Getting into a partnership with industry-leading businesses will lend credibility to your business as well. This will improve your brand perception among your customers who may then choose to only work with you considering a positive brand perception that you enjoy.

Evolve You

No business can survive without Evolving to the current needs. It’s a very different world out there with the change taking place at a mind-boggling pace. The only way to excel in the game is to evolve with the speed of the industry.

Practice makes you good. Best Practices make you perfect.

A smart business owner or stakeholder needs to learn about the various best practices and smart strategies that once deployed have the potential to not just simply sustain but spurt growth and keep going at it.

Write your own success story exactly the way you envision it. Build your business for Agility. Come & Learn how to build a winning path in the SaaS industry.

Meet Your Host

Manjunath G N

Manjunath G N

Founder, Bruhatee

Growth Marketing and Digital Marketing expert with over 15 years of experience in driving large teams globally to drive revenue marketing performance. He has developed & implemented strategies for Digital Marketing to drive the achievement of target revenues. Adept in B2B marketing strategies, lead generation, market research, planning and forecasting, brand building, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Online Advertising, Event Management, and Channel Marketing programs. Marketing Advisor for startups and passionate speaker in events/webinars/podcasts.

Meet Your Speaker

Scindia Balasingh

Scindia Balasingh

Head of Marketing – Global ISV, GSI and Strategic Partnerships at Freshworks. Top 20 Women Catalyst in Technology . Women Super Achiever Award. Tech Marketer 2021 by CXOTV . Host- LeadHERS Podcast . Industry Speaker. DE&I Member .

Experienced Technology Marketing Expert heading Global Partner Marketing for Freshworks with over decade and more experience in partner Marketing in companies like Redington, Blue Star . Experienced in building marketing verticals from scratch. Proud owner of Top 20 Women catalyst in Indian IT award by SME channels, Tech marketer 2021 Award by CXOTV and Women Super Achiever Award by World Women Leadership Congress. Also got numerous awards in the workplace.

She Hosts MOV LeadHERs podcast series, where women leaders are celebrated. She is a passionate tech marketing Industry speaker, marked her presence in various forums and podcasts with her insights. Passionate about Women leadership and diversity.

She holds a Masters in Business Administration, Specialized in Marketing and Operations, also holds a Bachelor of Information Technology degree. Certified Digital marketer from IIM Bangalore.

Key Takeaways from the webinar

Key Takeaways

Read our blog to Building your global partner network in the SaaS industry.

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Building your global partner network in the SaaS industry

4 Mins Read The term “Software as a Service” (SaaS) means “software as a service.” For those unfamiliar with the term, it refers to a software distribution approach in which a third-party provider hosts and makes applications available to clients via the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Software as a service (SaaS) offers a comprehensive software solution for a business’s growth without the hassle of buying, installing, maintaining and updating hardware or software.

SaaS marketing unlike traditional marketing uses custom-made, collective marketing strategies to cater to the specific needs of a company to generate leads and increase revenue.

Growth marketing drives traffic at the top of the sales funnel by boosting user acquisition and brand value of a company to achieve rapid and sustainable growth.

SaaS growth marketing defines specific marketing goals and curates low-cost strategies using marketing tools to clearly map and build audience development and amplify long-term growth.